26 (Wednesday) Opening of the Call For Proposals
?? (------) Opening of attendee registration and requesting bursaries
?? (------) Last day to submit bursary applications
?? (------) Bursary decisions posted
?? (------) Last day for submitting a talk that will be considered for the official schedule
?? (------) Last day to accept or withdraw travel bursary (first round)
?? (------) Last day to accept or withdraw food/accommodation bursary
?? (------) Last day to register with guaranteed swag. Registrations after this date are still possible, but swag is not guaranteed.
16 (Sunday) First day of DebCamp
17 (Monday) Second day of DebCamp
18 (Tuesday) Third day of DebCamp
19 (Wednesday) Fourth day of DebCamp
20 (Thursday) Fifth day of DebCamp
21 (Friday) Sixth day of DebCamp
22 (Saturday) Seventh day of DebCamp. Arrival day for DebConf
23 (Sunday) First day of DebConf / opening ceremony / afternoon: job fair
24 (Monday) Second day of DebConf / women and diversity lunch (tbc.) / evening: cheese and wine party (tbc.)
25 (Tuesday) Third day of DebConf
26 (Wednesday) Fourth day of DebConf / all day: day trip (tbc.)
27 (Thursday) Fifth day of DebConf / evening: conference dinner (tbc.)
28 (Friday) Sixth day of DebConf
29 (Saturday) Last day of DebConf / closing ceremony / teardown
30 (Sunday) Departure day :-(