Stay home ... and contribute to Debian Med

Speaker: Andreas Tille

Track: Debian Blends and Debian derived distributions

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Talks

Time: Aug 29 (Sat): 14:00

Duration: 0:45

Starting with the official Covid-19 hackathon the Debian Med project received a lot of new contributions. We have new contributors, increased effort of bug fixing and autopkgtest writing, increased support by other teams in Debian like ftpmaster, new communication channels (weekly video conference) and a broader attention in the world of bioinformatics. All in all the Covid-19 “crisis” gave the Debian Med project a huge push forward. As reported on MiniDebConf Online the energy that was put into the Debian Med project by several new and old contributors was reduced a bit after the sprint but the activity inside the Debian Med project is way higher than before the Covid-19 outbreak. This talk will contain more detailed numbers about this activity and the effect Covid-19 had on the Debian Med team.