My FOSS journey started 13 years ago. Inspired by many community members, I, a technology novice, became an advocate for Free and Open Source. I strongly believe in value of sharing and collaboration. I also believe free software communities can bring the world into a better direction. I founded FOSSASIA in 2009 as a community devoted to improving people’s lives through sharing open technologies, knowledge and fostering global connections. I also serve as the Vice President of Open Source Initiative.

Accepted Talks:

Can Free Software improve social equality?

In this session, we will first focus Equality in Free Software communities, I am inviting community members from Debian and other projects to join me discussing 1) What do organizations do to ensure equal opportunity for members 2) How decision process is made in the Free Software world. 3) Can lessons learned from Free Software help to improve social equality?

Audience Anyone who cares about equal opportunity in society

What will we get out of it Transparent ideas and actions will be documented and shared in a blog article. Potentially formation of working group to work on this topic moving forward.