Moray Allan

Accepted Talks:

Local Teams

We already have a number of large and very successful Debian Local Groups (Debian France, Debian Brazil and Debian Taiwan, just to name a few), but what can we do to help support upcoming local groups or help spark interest in more parts of the world?

Local groups are incredibly important to the success of Debian since they often help with translations, making us more diverse, support, setting up local bug squashing sprints, establishing a local DebConf team along with miniDebConfs, getting sponsors for the project and much more.

Yet, as important as they are, we do very little to take care of them and give them every possible tool to help them flourish.

In this BoF, we’ll discuss the possibility of setting up a local group support team. It could do some of the following and more:

  • Help new local teams get bootstrapped
  • Provide ongoing support for a local team when they need help with something
  • Help administer/approve budgets for local teams (ie. for sprints, get togethers, etc)
  • Create and distribute Debian merchandise for local team use (t-shirts, pens, pamphlets, posters, etc, perhaps even maintain a conference kit for people to use at conferences all over the world).
  • Your idea here :)

Ideally a team like this would be made up of long-term Debian members and also people who are from existing local teams, but anyone else is also welcome.