Nattie Mayer-Hutchings

Usually found at front desk, located elsewhere this year

Accepted Talks:

Lightning Talks

Lightning remains real, and we’ve got the talks to prove it!

Impress Improv

Someone else’s slides. Your talk. Hijinks ensue.

This is a series of lightning talks based on someone else’s previously-unseen slides, on topics not necessarily related to Debian.

Closing session: So long, and thanks for all the .debs!

By now, we should have conquered the hearts, minds, and bandwidths of Debian contributors all over the world. Traditionally, this is the right spot to present some statistics, give us all a final group hug. See you next year!

Cheese and Wine at Home

Cheese. Wine. Chez soi.

Opening Session: Welcome to DebConf 20!

Welcome to DebConf20! Feel at home, grab a drink and snacks, and feel welcome to join us in the largest auditorium we have ever had in the world. We sincerely hope you are not jetlagged and that the facilities are conveniently located. We will make our best effort for you to feel home. Along with all the usual chores, doing the dishes, taking care of the kids, and so on. This session will… Well, basically serve the social purpose of saying “hello and welcome”, and kickstarting our exciting week of online activities. We know that it’s not the DebConf we usually have every year, but we are striving to provide the closest possible experience to it!