Databases and Open Source technology enthusiast, Linux user since my teens.
I have spent the past ten years working for world leading tech companies, focusing on many aspects of technology and business: infrastructure and security of the application layer, but also middleware and web performance.
Recently his long-standing passion for open-source technology and databases led me to Oracle, joining the MySQL team, working with the leading open source database on the market. In my current role, I help customers across Europe and the Middle East to successfully shape their projects.
I also occasionally share my love for open source software and technology speaking regularly at technology conferences such as DevOps Days, OpenSource Day, HighLoad++, etc.

Accepted Talks:

Designing trends for cloud-native apps with MySQL

Would you rather prefer a multi-model database or specialized database services? Does database high-availability still matters in this world of short living containers? How are infrastructures changing? What about performance? If you are facing this questions as well, you are then aware that, with the rise of cloud-native applications, serverless coding, containerized infrastructures, all bound together with Continous Delivery and DevOps methodologies, the design trends to fit databases into such modern application stack are drastically changing. In this talk we will discover together some of those trends with the concrete example and direct experience of MySQL, the leading open source database in the world!