Long talk (45 minutes)

POSIX pitfalls in modern desktop environments and how to work-around them by Florian Haftmann
l10n-portuguese... How we are working? And where we want to go? by Daniel Lenharo de Souza
C Debian Security Essentials by Raul Alderete
Bits from the DPL by Jonathan Cristopher Carter
What comes after Open Source? by Bruce Perens
My phone runs Debian - and it does phone calls! by Guido Günther
Meet the Technical Committee by David Bremner, et al.
Introduction to GNU/Linux in Education. by Rafael Mateus
What's new in the Linux kernel (and what's missing in Debian) by Ben Hutchings
Stay home ... and contribute to Debian Med by Andreas Tille
Debian Academy: Another way to share knowledge about Debian by Jonathan Bustillos
Lightning Talks by Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
When We Virtualize the Whole Internet by Sam Hartman
Doing things /together/ by Enrico Zini & Ulrike Uhlig
The Power of Free by Jon "maddog" Hall
Why Is Free Software Like a Player Piano? by Jon "maddog" Hall
Where is Salsa CI right now? by Iñaki Malerba & Joaquin de Andres
Reproducing Bullseye in practice by Holger Levsen
Forwards to a Federated Future by Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi & Rhonda D'Vine
MySQL Replication Update by Dave Stokes
Open Build Service and Debian Packaging by Andrew Lee (李健秋)
Building Enterprise-Grade Postgres Services via Debian Packages and systemd-Integration by Michael Banck
FreedomBox: The Home Server Appliance by Sunil Mohan Adapa & James Valleroy
How to Organize Peer-to-Peer Communications Training by Delib
The Practical Programming Language, or Why C++ Integers are Fundamentally Broken by Shachar Shemesh