Short talk (20 minutes)

BoF (45 minutes)

Debian Diversity BoF by Rhonda D'Vine
Cloud images BoF by Thomas Goirand
Ruby Team BoF by Utkarsh Gupta & Lucas Kanashiro
use Perl; # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group by Clément Hermann
Debian Med BoF by Andreas Tille
Puppet Team BoF by Louis-Philippe Véronneau
Open Source Project Trademarks by Anne Bertucio
Clojure Packaging Team BoF by Elana Hashman
Android Tools BoF by Samyak Jain
running autopkgtest for your package by Paul Gevers & Antonio Terceiro
Project Caua Product Group by Jon "maddog" Hall
Leadership in Debian BoF/Panel by Jonathan Cristopher Carter
Debconf Poetry Night by Rhonda D'Vine
Local Teams by Jonathan Cristopher Carter & Moray Allan